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Where Am I ? - Monty Sunshine And His Orchestra - The Wide Beat (Vinyl, LP)

Click here to view a copy of Julian Purser's invitation to this exclusive event, plus a set of photographs provided by Ben Williams of Classic T Studio, the company which is re-issuing the band's recent CD, Can't Stop Now. August 19, Nine tracks have been added to the Music Clips page , linked to an under-construction page for the Chris Barber Band. August 19, More covers have been added to the Thumbnail pictures page. August 11, The Individual Covers Pages section of the site has been re-designed, and about a dozen covers have been added to the Thumbnail pictures page.

Note: This is a new version of the previous thumbnails page. It differs from the previous one in that the new graphics are almost twice as large as the previous ones and are therefore much more readable.

Since we chose a minimum size and resolution for the scans to be included on the new page, some of the old scans don't appear here. We plan to replace them at a higher resolution in the near future. July 3, You can now rapidly find everything on the Chris Barber website by going to Search the Chris Barber website close to the top of the menu page.

June 29, A few photographs from the Barber-Purser archives have been added to the bottom of Photographs, page June 17, The Big Chris Barber Band, to Today : a detailed page showing changes in the band over the last seven years through photographs, CD covers, and music.

June 5, The Chris Barber Band visits the army, June 5, Two publicity postcards -- one from the s, the other from June 2, Regretfully, we have closed the Chris Barber Guest Book because of an excessive amount of offensive messages and other spam. However, the Message Board is still up and running. May 28, Ottilie Patterson Publicity Booklet, early s. May 22, Poul Villum of Denmark has sent a set of photographs from a concert in Aarhus. May 19, The collection of Chris Barber Club booklets is now complete, with the correction of some previous errors and the addition of Volume 2, Number 5 thanks to Ivan Spring and Volume 4, Number 2.

May 16, Miscellaneous tour and concert posters from the s and s. May 8, Mike Snelling's page has been expanded with an autobiography, a music clip, and links to some of Mike's own recordings before joining the Big Chris Barber Band.

May 7, Two items have been added at the bottom of the Archives page. May 2, One of the oldest and rarest items on the entire Chris Barber website: a three-page programme for a concert at Birmingham University in May 2, The Behind the Scenes page has been updated to welcome new lighting engineer, Bas Meijer, and expanded to give a short account of the vital work that Bas and sound-man Barry Walker do to make sure each performance runs smoothly.

May 2, Toni Ginsel has posted some excellent photographs on his Chris Barber website of last week's concert in Heidenheim. April 28, concert programme. April 27, Added a Monty Sunshine concert ticket and authograph to a page featuring drawings by Monty. Donated by Bill Bibby. April 20, The Instrumentalists and Band Evolution pages have been updated to include recent personnel changes in the band. April 15, A new page of photographs page 10 has been added to the site.

April 10, Unfortunately, the new Chris Barber CD, Can't Stop Now , doesn't include any recording or personnel information, but Julian Purser has provided us with discographical details. And, just to refresh your memory about the various sections in the Chris Barber website, appropriate updates have been made to the cover thumbnails page , the new and recent releases page , and the music clips page.

March 25, A slideshow for Ian Wheeler has been added to the website. Details will follow soon on the New and Recent Releases page. March 15, Bass player Dave Green, who joined the band in January as a temporary replacement for Vic Pitt , is now a permanent member of the band.

March 12, A page to celebrate the 26 years that Ian Wheeler spent with the band. March 8, Several new tracks have been added to the Music Clips page. March 4, Three photographs of Chris and Ottilie at Silverstone, Thanks to David Drinkwater. March 4, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. March 2, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. This edition is particularly noteworthy for a long account, by Pat Halcox, of the band's third North American tour. It was also the last edition to be published before Monty Sunshine left the band.

February 17, Sixteen photographs by Andreas Wandfluh, taken at a concert in Schaan on 10 February February 9, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. February 4, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. January 26, Four concert and tour programmes from the s and s.

January 16, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. January 12, The Evolution of the Band page has been completely overhauled, with exact dates for personnel changes, plus scans of most of the recordings made by each line-up of the band. January 12, New band member Mike Snelling now has his own page, plus some photographs have been added to Richard Exall's page. January 2, Over the last couple of weeks, formatting changes have been made to several sections and many specific pages throughout the site.

In addition, we have taken this opportunity to add new material, most notably scans of original LP covers and sleeves notes on several of the Covers pages e. December 24, Birmingham Concert Programme, December 17, "Jazz at the Marquee" Programme, December 13, A special page for the lineup of Chris Barber's Jazz Band , with photographs, record covers, and music clips. December 9, John Defferary has recently retired from the band after eight years in the reed section.

We hope to have information soon about his replacement, Mike Snelling , which will be posted via the Big Chris Barber Band page. December 9, An update and a few minor corrections to the Music Clips page.

December 2, A slideshow tribute to Ottilie Patterson. November 25, Programme from the band's first solo concert at the Royal Festival Hall, 28th April, November 18, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. November 16, Programme from a lates tour -- lots of colour photographs and information about the lineup of the Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band.

The entire text is in English and German. November 13, Added a photograph of the band's most recent line-up thanks to Helge Lorenz and updated the Band Evolution page. November 13, Article from a German newspaper , October Thanks to Gerd Jordan.

November 2, Some information about the band's newest member, Joe Farler , has been added. October 29, Article from a German newspaper , October Thanks to Toni Ginsel. The CD has also been added to the Covers page , and the Music clips page has been updated. September 29, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. September 26, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol.

September 26, Programme from a tour of Switzerland in September 26, Programme from a concert in Glasgow, September 26, Three items from Jazz News , September 26, Programme from a tour of Denmark in September 14, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol.

September 13, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. September 13, Chat room added. September 9, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. August 30, Here are 21 scans of photographs from the Barber-Purser archives. August 18, The Instrumentalists pages are now complete, with individual pages for each instrument, plus Ottilie Patterson, as well as guests with the band. August 18, About two dozen more clips have been added to the Music Clips page since the last update two weeks ago.

August 11, Here's another slideshow , this one to celebtrate the year August 4, The Music Clips page is now up to date. Future additions of music to the site will be added to this page. August 3, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol.

July 29, Two new slideshows have been added to the Slideshows page. The first features Chris Barber's Amateur Bands, , while the second focusses on two versions of Petite Fleur , recorded in and July 28, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. July 22, There is now a slideshows page , currently featuring four short slideshows.

July 21, Added the slideshow at the top of the menu page. Click here to view a full-screen version. July 17, Our plan to post all of the Chris Barber Club booklets from the s and early s continues with Vol.

July 15, I've been experimenting with slide shows while on vacation. Here's a first attempt at combining some of Chris's words with pictures and music -- Ken Colyer's Jazzmen.

Please note that the slide show may take some time to load. June 20, Winners of the second Chris Barber Competition announced. June 17, More music has been added to the Music Clips page. Also, you might want to check out the Chris Barber record covers page , to which several covers have been added over the last few months. June 10, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. May 27, More music added to the Music Clips page.

May 22, Index of all the music clips on the Chris Barber website. May 14, Programme from a concert tour of the UK in This page also includes excerpts from two tracks recorded by the band in the same year. Go to the New and Recent Releases page for details. May 1, Photographs from a concert in Kaarst on Pat's birthday, April 2, Sheet music for Revival and Lonesome , with second excerpts from each recording.

March 27, The Instrumentalists section of the website continues with a feature page on The Trumpeters. March 25, Article from a British blues magazine , , featuring an interview with Chris Barber. March 18, The Instrumentalists section of the website continues with a feature page on The Drummers. March 12, Photographs from a sound check in Lucerne, Switzerland on March 5, March 9, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. February 11, In the absence of new additions to the site this week, why not listen to Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams?

It's never been re-issued on CD. January 28, Chris Barber Club booklet Vol. January 14, At long last, here is a page to celebrate the third-longest-serving member of the band, blues guitarist John Slaughter. January 8, Tour Programme, probably from This is a rare programme from a tour featuring the relatively short-lived line-up of the band after Sammy Rimington joined but before John Slaughter left. The programme includes a contribution in both English and German by Humphrey Lyttelton.

December 17, Band archivist Julian Purser recently came acoss an excellent publicity photo of Chris and the Band taken some time between and It's one of the rare pictures to feature banjo player Steve Hammond. December 11, An article from the British magazine, Today , published in August at the height of the "trad boom". November 28, The programme from one of the most famous Chris Barber concerts — a performance at the Royal Festival Hall on 15 December, November 20, In this announcement from the opening of the second part of a concert in Denmark in January, , Chris reflects on playing the music from and introduces the version of the six-piece Chris Barber's Jazz Band.

November 11, Programme from a British concert tour in the late s. November 5, German fan and webmaster Toni Ginsel has posted new pages of photos of recent concerts in Dortmund and Stuttgart. October 16, Message board started. Details to follow soon. October 2, Rare photos of the band in the late s or early s.

September 24, Tour programme from the early s. September 18, Revisions to the navigation buttons on the menu page. August 27, The Liverpool Concert photos page is now complete, with more than 50 photographs.

August 21, Eight rehearsal photos have been added to the Liverpool Concert photos page , with still more to come soon. August 18, An additional nine photographs backstage are now on the Liverpool Concert photos page.

August 15, Eighteen photographs from the 75th Birthday Concert in Liverpool. August 7, " Blues History " -- a article reproduced from fROOTS magazine : "Chris Barber formed his first band in , set the scene for skiffle, and in the late '50s was responsible for introducing legendary blues players like Muddy Waters to the UK. Here he reminisces to Dave Peabody about that era, setting right a few myths along the way Photographs are not yet available but will be posted here soon.

July 23, Several more record covers have been posted on the EPs page. Thanks to Poul Villum for many new scans. July 18, " The Barber of Tradville " -- Photos and an article from a British teen magazine, , at the height of the British "trad boom. July 3, The EPs section of the website has been significantly updated with more pages and scans, including thumbnail pictures of all covers donated so far by fans. We'd be grateful for scans of any EPs that you own but are not displayed on this page.

June 25, Chis Barber Club booklet, Vol. June 18, Two additions this week: first, four more EP covers ; and second, a concert programme. June 11, A newly-scanned set of photographs of Chris Barber and the band has been posted on Photos, page 7. June 3, We have finally posted a photo of Mike Whalley , newest member of the band's road crew; plus four more EP covers have been added to the EPs page , thanks to Kjell Wiklund.

May 8, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. May 3, Thanks to Ivan Spring of Ontario, Canada, who has loaned nine covers for posting on the Barber website, the number of EP covers is now up to April 29, A new guest book has been added to the site see the bottom of the Menu page.

April 16, More records, recent and not-so recent, have been added to the Individual Covers pages. April 15, Two recent newspaper articles , the first in English and the second in German. April 8, A new feature page: 45 rpm EP records from the s and s. March 25, One of the longest-serving drummers in the band, Colin Miller , has recently retired. All the best to Colin for the future. March 19, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol. March 13, Programme from a tour : This booklet is interesting because it is longer than most, contains photos and short essays about each band member, and has the text in three languages -- English, Frech, and German.

February 27, Diana Gardner was the band's secretary in the mids, and was therefore responsible for producing the Chris Barber Club booklets in the early years. Now, almost fifty years later, she shares her reminiscences of those days. February 26, Chris Barber Club booklet, Vol.

February 25, The remainder of the photos taken by Andreas Wandfluh and Julian Purser in Denmark are now available in full-screen size. February 19, Half of the photos taken by Andreas Wandfluh and Julian Purser in Denmark are now available in full-screen size. February 19, Thanks to fan Chris Robbins, here is Chris Barber's foreword to a book about skiffle in the s.

Go to the New Releases page for details. February 4, There is now a Photographs, page 6 , which shows pictures taken during the band's short tour of Denmark in January. See the New and Recent Releases page for more details. January 22, Programme from a concert in Toronto, Canada, on October 12, January 8, Programme from a tour of East Germany, December 18, The website collection of booklets from the Chris Barber Club continues to grow with the addition of Volume 5, Number 7.

December 8, Announcement of a CD featuring past and present members of the Barber band. December 5, Thanks to archive team member Andreas Wandfluh's work, we can now view the complete booklet that was included along with the six-LP Chris Barber Jubilee Album set of records released in The booklet includes some rare photographs, brief biographies of the then-personnel, and a lengthy piece by Chris himself.

All of the text is in both English and German. Here is his story of the great evening he spent with the band. November 5, Two items from Jazz News , July Get the item you ordered or your money back.

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Mixed color vinyl. Wilko Johnson, legendary guitarist with Dr. Feelgood, and Roger Daltrey of The Who release a joint album featuring 11 tracks, ten of which are Wilko originals from both his Dr. One of the greatest west coast punk singles of the first wave is back in print and ready to smash your party right in your face. Originally forged as an exact opposite blueprint of the archetype female-fronted punk group, Nones is a fully-backed female force of contention with one deranged and sufficiently blurred frontman slashing forth and breaking the stereotype into micro shards of glass you will never be able to completely pick out of your fine upholstery.

This debut LP is no joy ride, an instant agitator, a tool for stirring up your inner turmoil, a safe place to keep your paranoid thoughts where they can drift around in a contained space.

Authorized remastered reissue of the now classic debut album from Oasis. Throughout the duration of the LP, Monch narrates as an independent artist weary from the war against the industry machine and through the struggle of the black male experience in America. Repress of a compilation of 78s by Washington Phillips — one of the most unique gospel artists of all time — in print again for the first time in over seven years.

Phillips played an instrument that was either the dolciola a now extinct chimney sounding piano or something entirely homemade. No one knows for sure. He sings with a beautiful voice and his instrument provides a celestial and otherworldly background. Lullabies straight from the spirit world to you. Back in print for the first time in years. Two true punk rock classics from the band featuring members of Dead Moon and Pierced Arrows.

We create quite a few different characters in this record. Rope Commercial is the first volume of a planned series of EPs. Second full-length album by the Swiss extreme metal band. We wanted to voice our opinions and feel comfortable. We believe in peace, marijuana, individual freedoms and not taking ourselves too seriously. This just happened to be what came out. Released last year on CD — now available on vinyl. The Indiana four-piece delivers infectiously poppy bubblegum chewed up and spit out by the agitated and chemical laced mind of misspent Midwestern youth.

More Details of what and how we buy can be found here. Stranger On The Shore 2. Sweet Georgia Brown 3. Where Am I 5. The Wide Beat 7. Midnight In Moscow 8. Wild Cat Blues 9. Little White Lies The group were relatively short-lived but 'Evening In Paris' bw 'The Traitors' enjoys a great reputation among instro music circles. Now, although this at the time French only EP isn't as distinctive sounding as The Flee-Rekkers, this is high class instrumental beat music all the same.

I know what 'Dream Lover' sounds like, the melody, so it seems possible they've been listed the wrong way round. No matter, 'The Traitor' i think! Great drum work opens up the tune before a very evocative sound lead melody line played on god knows what under which we get some wicked guitar parts. Good job to all involved, says I. Having said that, 'Lonely City' made the top twenty although that wasn't enough to stop John spending more of his time back on his acting shortly following this EP release collecting together some of his stray hit and miss singles of the era.

For the record, the songs here really are no worse than the ones that had sent him into the top ten a year or so earlier, such is the fickle nature of fame. Great string arrangements, his dramatic soaring, deep and booming vocals.

The first three tunes here are in fact all upto scratch with only the beat-group-esque 'It Would Be Easy' failing to hit the mark, sounding more like the sort of thing Heinz would get to sing. The first number up here is a George Bellamy composition all but one of the four songs here were self-composed by the band that, whilst not rivalling 'Telstar' would prove to be a great song and a worthy release all the same.

As testament to the groups popularity at the time, the EP reached number two and spent six months on the EP chart listings. Some may find these, nearly fifty year old recordings, somwhat less than essential, but with the forthcoming Meek bio-pic, it's hoped many more will discover the magical, wonderful world of Joe Meek in the future. His legacy will live on as long as new listeners keep discovering his music.

The end. Page Comment? Site Comment? It seems more likely however, that only 99 copies were ever actually sold. Well, until years after Joe's death, of course. Albeit one produced and recorded in And that's where Joe Meek comes into the equation, of course. This was a project very dear to his heart, recordings designed to show the world the full range of his production, composing and recording techniques. Joe's obsession with all things outer-space lended the album its concept, even if his backing band at the time weren't particularly fond of being christened 'the blue men' and being asked to go on stage wearing costumes and asked to have their faces, etc - painted entirely blue!

Anyway, to get the outer space sounds of the moon and beyond that Joe desired, he used a mixture of Hawaiian guitar, bass, drums, a deliberately out of tune piano. He used combs, running water, treated electronics and a wide variety of other percussive and pioneering mixing effects.

That little potted history out of the way, what do we make of this album, exactly? How does it come across listened to in the early part of the 21st century? Well, dated in places, of course. That's only to be expected. There is a timeless appeal to the record overall, though. Some of the actual melodies that Joe composed are absolutely beautiful in their haunting simplicity.

the mesages left about Joe Meek, make interesting reading, having known Joe, and managed a group that recorded with him, I do have an insight into the man and his music, his techniques were many years ahead of his time, be built equipment to recreate the sound in his head, he couldn't sing or play an instrument, neither could he read music, and.

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