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Sagittarius Rapp - Various - Now-Again Re:Sounds (Vol. 1) (Vinyl)

The kids themselves? No, they pull their cellphones into bed, waking up throughout the night to answer exciting texts. No wonder alarm manufacturers sense an "exciting opportunity" with high school and college students. Many alarms create noise levels that cause hearing loss and are regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration — and the kids still can't wake up.

Deep sleep and sleepwalkers. Ever heard someone having night terrors? Chances are good you won't forget. Bloodcurdling screams and Freddie Krueger faces are bad enough, but they still won't wake up! No wonder sleepwalkers with sleep terrors get very quiet telling their boyfriend or girlfriend what they really do at night — particularly as they're asleep, and don't remember what happened.

Deep sleep is indeed deep, the closest we normally get to natural coma. It's really hard to wake people up in deep sleep, which becomes an emergency when your spouse picks up the car keys and starts backing the car out of the garage without activating the garage door.

Deep sleep is when growth hormone is produced. It's necessary for a lot of memory formation. Teenagers do it a lot more than older adults. No wonder they're so hard to wake up. Someone tells a very funny joke and your friend drops to the floor, suddenly asleep. That's no joke. Narcoleptics may be 1 in 1, of the population, and many of them don't have classic catalepsy where they suddenly hallucinate and fall to the ground, but their lack of the stimulating neurotransmitter hypocretin-orexin can make them very, very hard to wake up.

Shift workers. Humans are built to sleep at night and gambol during the daytime. Yet shift workers hit the wall well beyond the body clock basement of 4 A. Chronically sleep deprived, they may find getting up for the next swing shift nearly impossible. Bipolar disorders. Back in the old days, Tom Wehr at the National Institute of Mental Health used to predictably knock people with manic depressive illness from mania to depressionjust by manipulating their sleep cycle. People with manic depressive illness, especially the rapid cycling kind, can veer from 18 hours sleep one night to four the next.

When deep in the cycle, they can be really difficult to wake. Young people with ADHD. For reasons I do not know, many kids with ADHD also are naturally long sleepers, who tell me they will easily sleep 12 to 14 hours of every 24 unless someone wakes them up.

Though not showing any evidence of narcolepsy, they sometimes prove profoundly sleepy on daytime sleepiness tests. Everybody else. There are lots of other people who can't get up. They include naturally long sleepers, who can't imagine why the rest of humanity operates on seven to eight hours a night; The Majesty Of A Dark Mountain - Demimonde - The Warriors Poets with sleep apneawho when they finally do get to sleep find it difficult to stop; and hordes of anybody who has just a regular, ordinary sleep disorder like restless legs or insomnia.

The truth is, lots of the population has trouble waking up. The problems are the normal ones: work hours; kids; elderly parents; an unrelenting economic recession. Americans have knocked off 90 minutes of sleep in the last 40 years, and we're working hard to knock off more. That's where active rest techniques come in. Lots of physical activity also helps, letting the body more efficiently remake itself. But the truth is rest is like food. You can't live without it. And sometimes, you just have to give it sufficient time and space.

I would like to know if it is a sickness or what it is. I would have to touch something or try and speak in order to get myself to wake up. It was like I was in a coma but hearing everything going on around me. This went on for a couple years and went away.

This came back to my mind because now I have a 20 year old grandson who's going through the same thing. You were most likely experiencing sleep paralysis upon waking from sleep. A lot of people have this happening. Some people mainly have it when waking up, some have when trying to fall asleep, and others have it sporadically all Why Cant I Wake Up With You? That may sound silly, but many of my sleep paralysis sessions have been terrifying for me, as I can see and hear the shadow people but I cannot move, talk, and a lot of the time and can't even open my eyes but somehow I can't still hear and "see" what is going on around.

I've always had trouble falling asleep and getting up. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a teen but was never medicated. While I've learned to live with it I still have some symptoms to this day, the worst being I never feel like I've slept enough. My sleeping issues have compounded over the years. I am 24, going to turn 25 next April. This sparked an idea in my head-my parents made me get in bed at nine, but I was tired of laying there for hours trying to drift off, so I decided that I would make my parents think I had gone to sleep, but I would quietly play on my phone, or my laptop, or even just draw, listen to music and watch my tv on a barely audible sound level.

My parents only caught me a handful of times, and as I got older they decided to be a bit more lax about my bedtime. So, as a teenager I was often up until am.

My school started at 8, but because we lived out in the country, we all had to wake up between am to make it there in time: so imagine I'm staying up until 2 or 3am and waking up no later than six.

Some nights that is only three hours of sleep. Some days I would be so exhausted from my lack of sleep that my body would force me to crash at different times, sometimes even in my classes No Room - Various - The Best Of Flip Records Volume 3: The Mess Around this time my grades began to fall,and I was doing the one thing that I had wanted to avoid all along: sleeping a lot.

While I tried to reverse this cycle I didn't get very far. It seemed that my body was now used to staying up late. I did put a limit on the lateness, however.

I started forcing myself to go to sleep at 1am, no later than This helped a little through school, but my grades remained low up until graduation. While I tried to change my sleeping patterns, they are worse in my early adulthood than ever before. Nowadays I can't make myself go to sleep until am at the earliest, and some nights I am up until 4am-5am.

For instance, last night I couldn't get to sleep until and I couldn't wake up until 2pm. Connect your Spotify account to your Last. Connect to Spotify. A new version of Last.

Replace video. Do you know any background info about this track? Start the wiki. View full lyrics. Don't want to see ads? Upgrade Now. Given the source material-- an adept but often raw s high school funk band from Texas-- it's almost a given that neither track is going to sound slick enough for most modern house-friendly dancefloors.

But while neither of them are radically transformative, there's no shortage of movement in either track; Terry's take on the band's version of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" rides an opening monster disco-funk break into a blast of manic chase-scene horns, and Kenny's mix of "Super Strut Pt. Most of the prime stuff on Re:Sounds Vol. Computer accessories.

Studio equipment. Drum machines. Studio headphones. Digital recorders. Guitar accessories. Studio accessories. GBP My Language. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:.

Items in cart:. Play All. Sort Artist. Items 1, to 1, of 2, on page 39 of Tramp Germany. Brainfeeder X 4xLP box set in die-cut sleeve. Exploring space and the idea of being happy to be lost in it, the narrative is weaved perfectly over twelve captivating chapters.

Ready for take off? The JB's. A document many didn't believe existed until Now Again announced it. Tight, teasing and full of surprises, anyone who enjoys modern music should know about this record.

But they probably won't Only copies are being pressed! Over seven years of hard researching, negotiating and compiling he never released any albums or even granted interviews , this is the ultimate collection of a hard working musician who did all the right things but never got the spotlight his peers experienced.

But certainly not forgotten, this entire document is a detailed and respectful work of art in itself. Oriental Jazz reissue remastered gram vinyl LP. The Trombonist, bandleader, songwriter, arranger and producer instead put out a series of 45s that were later discovered by Now Again boss Eothen "Egon" Alapatt.

After one or two made it onto Stones Throw and Now Again anthologies he finally puts them all together on one spellbinding record. It covers a wide sphere of sound from hardcore soul to loved up funk via jazz flecked instrumentals. Kenny Dope even makes an appearance to mix "Throwing Stones" which helps makes this utterly essential. Now Again Re:Sounds Vol 1 7x7" box. Egon - "Reverse" part 2. Koushik - "Reverse" part 2. Welcome To Zamrock!

Earthology 2xLP. Rock All. Studio Equipment. Techno All. Techno Hard Techno. Deep House. DJ Equipment. Drum And Bass. UK Garage. DJ equipment. Vinyl DJ accessories. Digital DJ accessories.

Now-Again Records, the brainchild of onetime vinyl hoarder / Stones Throw manager / Funky 16 Corners compiler Eothen "Egon" Alapatt, here lets Stones Throw artists such as Koushik and Percee P loose on the best of its reissue catalog.

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