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Good Juug - Various - Murder Dog Celebrating 10 Years - Best Of The Best (CD)

One explanation: Suicide is often an impulsive act, with the person in distress opting for what seems like the easiest obtainable means. Guns are more lethal than any other instrument; if kept close at hand, a firearm is the method most likely to be used. Two studies of youth access by researchers at Harvard are instructive.

One found that at least 82 percent of teens who ended their lives with a gun had used a weapon belonging to someone in their home. Another , using data from a year period, determined that a 10 percent drop in the percentage of households owning guns was associated with an 8. Barber, the Harvard researcher, explained that the studies show the vital role that the safe storage of firearms can play in preventing suicide, especially among young people. One intervention that can have a profound effect on saving lives is blocking suicidal individuals from accessing guns during a time of crisis, by removing them, storing them out of reach, or convincing gun owners to voluntarily surrender their weapons.

At least 14 states and the District of Columbia have so-called red flag laws, which allow family members or law enforcement officials to petition a judge to take guns away from people who pose a threat to themselves or others. In Connecticut, where such a law has been in effect since , police seized more than 2, guns between and A concern about suicide was the most common reason for seeking a warrant, cited in 46 percent of the cases.

Some people buy guns for the explicit purpose of ending their own lives. An examination published in The New England Journal of Medicine looked at suicide rates among California handgun purchasers.

It found that the firearm suicide rate increased dramatically in the first week after purchase: to 57 times higher than the statewide rate. To address this phenomenon, a nationwide program called the Gun Shop Project asks gun store owners and firing ranges to distribute materials about suicide prevention to their clients. One goal is to help gun dealers spot potentially suicidal customers. It generates a cerebral and happy buzz mood without putting you to sleep.

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Skip to content. Last updated on December 10th, at am. About Author John I'm professional Dog handler and love dogs. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Have You Played? One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time. The Murder Dog is on trial at the Hague for crimes against humanity.

He stands charged with the killing of over people in a brutal attack encompassing the use of toxic gas, a fire engine and a blunt instrument. Like many thecatamites games, it is dangerously self-aware, constantly spitting on genre tropes even while firmly adhering to them. It also has one of the most efficient and unpleasant trailers in videogames history:. We strive to provide you the best fit for you and your family. If you are looking for a Field test dog, a hunting companion dog, a dog who can keep up with you on your long runs, or one who can make a great family pet, we will take the time to help you find the right dog for your living situation.

This is our passion, this is our life, this is our family. Our dogs are part of our family and very much who we are. Give us a call to discuss what your needs are what dog would make a great addition to your family. We have been training pointing dogs since The 2. I upgraded the pistol with a Apex flat forward trigger kit a upgraded semi drop-in Barrel and optic night sights.

Well, I am a novice. Say I only have bucks to buy one used gun. Would a used 12 ga pump shot gun with two barrels with different lengths and chokes be the best choice? I probably will not confront a bear here or a puma in the south east USA but it can happen rarely. As far as hunting for meat goes, wild bore, squirrels, varments, and deer would be the most prevalent here. Knowing the local land well and stealth would get me close enough to the two legged kind if I had to. I think a shot gun with different barrels and rounds could handle it all.

What do you think? Remember, I am a retired po guy just moved to the country and can only spend bucks for one gun and some bucks for rounds. Everybody has personal opinion and preferences. Heavier and more powerful caliber or lighter and more precise and who will take out another guy in shootout, and who would be better off when the s. The rest, all this arguing, is rather pointless. The first because of excellent workmanship, exceptional accuracy, and ergonomic; second because of unique smoothness of operations and low recoil though it cant surpass the accuracy of CZ ; the third because of ergonomics and accuracy and all because of universality and reliability.

All not so much by logical reasoning but simply due to experience of shooting. Thats what my hands tend to gravitate to when I want to shoot. But frankly most of the guns mentioned both in article and in comments are very good guns from practical point of view. And who will survive better or who can outshoot who… I tell you who. The one who has cooler head, better training and have a sober understanding of both advantages and disadvantages of whatever weapon he happen to have.

And also more lucky. Walking around in apocalyptic world all hung with rifles and handguns like a Christmas tree like some suggested …. I guess these guys never walked more than a mile from their Suvs.

The idiot like that would not only be a great target for one skillful guy with just a crossbow or simple slingshot, not to mention a single 22mm gun in hands of the quick mobile attacker, but also how soon he would start disposing of his great arsenal if he needs to walk far enough, be it in the urban area or in the bush?

In the situations like that every ounce starts to matter. Your three pounds. The best weapon is the one that is with you when needed. On the hunt? Have one rifle, preferably lightest and most reliable.

Need to hunt for food? Maybe leave grizzly alone, unless you enjoy risking becoming a food yourself. Rabbits or gees might be a smarter choice. Self-defense concerns? Bottom line, repeating myself — its the man who wins, not the weapon he has.

I am not disagreeing with the logic in the article, or from the many comments. But keep in mind, you need to haul spare parts too. A revolver has one or two spings, a semi auto has 3 including the magazine.

Also, something to keep in mind, if you are in a firefight, you need to remember to pick up your mags. Does this mean revolvers rule the world, no, but it is something to keep in mind. The question is. Just how much can you carry? If you are on foot, my military training kicks in and then there are 2 and no more than 3 calibers, The military uses 9mm,. But if you are on foot, you want to travel light and travel fast. Some small electronics and a solar way to charge them. Somebody may need medication, Different people different challenges.

In a SHTF situation and if you are on foot, challenges will abound. Just maybe a good knife,. Good caliber info. Most likely 12ga. Just my two cents. Hello Jack. Thank you for all the great information and to all those who provided comments.

There are so many guns on the market. As usual, the comments reflect the many choices in firearms and that ultimately, personal comfort and performance with a handgun, rifle or shotgun wins out over anything else. I am of the opinion that if you like something, you should keep it, carry and use it. There is no way anyone of us can survive doomsday without gear and supplies. I own an old K98 in 8mm which is in great condition with a really smooth action. I would like to go with the.

I like the idea of being able to use 3 to 5 different types of ammo as scrounging will be common, maybe necessary and if I am able to make a lucky find I hope to be able to have something to make use of the ammo. As it happens, my father, a retired Marine prefers or. As it stands we have 9mm and 12 gauge ammo, but have yet to develop a strategy or plan.

The 8mm may just have to be an accepted oddball. Sig p in a 9mm,Ruger in breakdown With a great optic threaded then my tikka t3 light in good optics threaded just my choice load everything in the big tired wagon and head to the river.

Good article. I would say that the bear and large cats should be in two separate sections m. Also even a wolf or large cat can be taken with a 9mm or Maybe not hunter humanely but still they are thin skinned animals. True shtf scenario? Lots of 22LR with both a. Short of having fort knox, you are going to be mobile on occassion or want to be for at least foraging.

They are wicked accurate and can fire hundreds of rounds without jamming. But one more critical factor.

Each magazine holds 25 rounds, does not protrude all that much and above all, rounds of. Thats bigger than you think. Water will become the most precious commodity. You wont live long without it. So no matter what m4 or hand cannon you are toting around its going to pale compared to that 2 extra quarts of water you wish you had.

Regardless, weight is a huge factor when on the move. Keeping it light will increase your chances. Ammo can weigh a LOT depending caliber. As far as taking down grizzlies I have no intention of bugging out to Alaska or Canada.

Its hard enough to survive in peace time let alone bad guy eras. Fir thise that do, leave us your next of kin and we wish you well. For the remaining The lowly.

Utilize hyper velocity rounds and you have near 22 Magnum performance in the first 50 yards thus eliminating the need almost entirely for. Throw in seconds at said guy and it will feel like a hornets nest landed on his head and chest seconds before he dies. No, for MOST the. The game you are hunting wont be 9 feet tall with 6 inch nails. You will only hear about when the guy with hand cannon missed and after 2 shots the grizzly was on him. I woukd bet most will succumb with well placed 22 hyoer velocity rounds in under 25 yards or less.

And based on the weight savings you will have hundreds to go should his commrades feel squirelly. Its that or opt for an AK, roomds, spare boot lace with knots and 3 in 1 oil for cleaning and have at it. Sorry for The typos earlier but doing this on a cell phone in a hurry tends to leave an errant stroke or two…..

The goal in survival is to survive? Not to test your mettle with every MMA wannabe with a gun and no experience shooting it. Shaved head with that ready for prison goatee and mustache and a few days a week in the gym.

Overly confident and self appointed leader to all around him. Loooow profile. And with a. Learn to deploy quickly and always practice double Taps. And it being. A thousand rounds of.

Now, grab teo round valu packs at say walmart. About each? Just guessing…. Now add all the water and food, clothing cooking utensils, pop tent, bedroll and other things and guess what? No, opt for the. Then add your other stuff and you might sneak out with 65lbs of stuff. Enough to last a few weeks if need be. Head to secure sources of water high ground , pick a spot with at least 3 approaches nearby to evade if need be. They will be a good source of protein bars, vitamins, layers of clothing, fingerless gloves, hats, razor blades, and the latest in gym wear.

I love my FN 5. Interesting article and follow up comments. This is my opinion. There are really only 2 survival situations.

They are either man made or natural disasters. The word will get out that you have the food and the hungry will do anything needed to get it. I stock enough food and the ability to get water for something like 30 days.

Figure out now where you will go and have a couple of backup places. I want to stay away from people. My survival pack is based on being able to set up a small well hidden camp near a water source.

My pack weight come in around 60lbs including ammo. I would hunt small big kills attract attention. All I want is to be able to lay down some rounds to cover my fast retreat in the event of confrontation.

This is Why I Rap - dsierc (MUSI Video) Why I'm Hot Spin-off - Duration: 5 minutes, 13 seconds.

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  1. Home > Celebrating 10 Years Best Of The Best. Murder Dog Magazine - Celebrating 10 Years Best Of The Best. Genre: Rap Category: CD Year: Record Label: Blood Rush, Red Catalog #: BRM Bar Code: Case Type: Double Jewel Case State: California.
  2. Sep 06,  · The statistics are bleak. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in America. From ages 10 to 34, it is the second leading cause, claiming more lives than homicide or heart disease. In , the most recent federal data shows, 47, people in America took their own lives. Between and , the suicide rate jumped 33 percent.. O ur country’s suicide problem is also a gun violence.
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  4. free download VA - Murder Dog Celebrating 10 Years: Best Of The Best (2xCD) () (FLAC + kbps) rar CD 1 01 –Island Gorrillaz – Beefin 02 –Thugged Out – Roll In Da Club Good Juug 08 –Do Or Die – Respect My G 09 –Bigtyme Boyz – Feds.
  5. Juug was created from the hustle and lifestyle of the streets. Bringing creative and nostalgic designs while providing high quality cannabis with a unique connection to the smoking experience when cannabis had not yet been legalized.
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Murder Dog Celebrating 10 Years - Best Of The Best on Discogs/5(4).
  7. Murder Dog Magazine is a bay area rap magazine from the bay area. MURDER DOG MAGAZINE Vol.1 - Vol Long standing bay area hip hop magazine from the mid 90's. Location: Vallejo, CA.
  8. Welcome to Best Gun Dogs Whether you’re looking for your next hunting partner or simply a quality, intelligent companion to share your life with, we have a dog for you. With over 20 Years of Training and Breeding experience, we’re committed to providing you, and your future hunting or home companion, a quality relationship that you’ll.
  9. Various- Murder Dog Celebrating 10 Years - Best Of The Best () FLAC, CD Cd. Island Gorrillaz - [Murder Dog Celebrating 10 Years - Best Of The Best #01] Beef. [Murder Dog Celebrating 10 Years - Best Of The Best #07] Good Juug (feat. Sess ) Do or Die - [Murder Dog Celebrating 10 Years - Best Of The Best #08] Respect My G Author: Dj Telao.

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